Whale & Dolphin & Watching

Upon leaving the hotel dock in your quest to encounter humpback or pilot whales you might spot one of the five species of dolphins.

Humpbacks come here to give birth and raise their calf until it is strong enough to make it back home to either north or southern hemisphere. If you haven’t seen a whale and its calf, it’s a sight to be seen.

Northern Whale Migration: From January to April

Southern Whale Migration: From July to October

Dolphin watching Osa Peninsula

While searching for humpbacks you might get lucky and run into various pods of dolphins, they love riding the wake of the boat and might give you a memorable show flipping and jumping out of the water. It’s just another demonstration nature showing its beauty.

Whale watching Osa Peninsula
Whales Osa Peninsula
Humpback whale Osa Peninsula

Price: $135 per person (4 person minimum – private tours available by request. Once minimum is met, 50% off discount for children under age 12.)

Duration: 3 to 5 Hours

Time: Your choice; best to leave early, no later than 2:00PM.

Ages: All ages

Activity level: Easy

Includes: Cold beverages, homemade cookies and fresh fruit are served on board.

Even with the boats hard fiberglass top and canvas awnings, we highly recommend you bring sunglasses, sunblock, a hat, long-sleeved shirt as the sun is intense.

Don’t forget your camera!

Aguila de Osa’s delightful staff and excellent food also created a joyous atmosphere and the days seemed to slip by far too quickly. We were incredibly lucky to swim with whales and witness a whale and her baby playing in the sea this only a few steps from we were snorkeling.

~ Z Feeny

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