Whale & Dolphin Watching Tours in Costa Rica

Upon leaving the Aguila’s dock in your quest to encounter humpbacks with their babies or pilot whales and you just might run into one of our four species of dolphins that inhabit these waters off the Osa.

As the only place in the world to have two migration of humpback whales come to give birth in same location gives us the chance to see these majestic mammals 6 to 7 months of year!

Northern Whale Migration: From January to April

Southern Whale Migration: From July to October

Dolphin watching tour in Osa Peninsula Costa Rica

To see these beautiful “2ton babes” with their mother is so mesmerizing while they learn to swim and gain strength for there long trip back either north or south and south being the longest migration of humpbacks. This takes time as the mother feed their calf up to 600 liters of milk a day. The mother humpbacks are very attentive and loving toward their calf.

Let our captains and guide make this a once in a lifetime experience.

Whale watching tour in Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
Whales Osa Peninsula
Humpback whale Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Price: $135 per person (4 person minimum – private tours available by request. Once the minimum is met, 50% off discount for children under age 12.)

Duration: 3 to 5 Hours

Time: Your choice, best to leave early, no later than 2:00P.M.

Ages: All Ages

Activity level: Easy

Includes: Cold beverages, homemade cookies and fresh fruit are served on board


Even with the boats hard fiberglass top and canvas awnings, we highly recommend you bring sunglasses, a hat, and long-sleeve shirt as the sun is intense.

Don’t forget your camera!

Aguila de Osa’s delightful staff and excellent food also created a joyous atmosphere and the days seemed to slip by far too quickly. We were incredibly lucky to swim with whales and witness a whale and her baby playing in the sea this only a few steps from we were snorkeling.

~ Z Feeny

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